Severodonetsky ORGHIM
West-Kazakhstan Branch Office


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"Owing to efficient work of your company's specialists, the propane-butane recovery unit and the methanol regeneration unit were put into operation in time.

Unfortunately, we have learned about your company behind time. Employment of Severodonetsky ORGHIM's specialists at early stages of construction should have allowed to avoid design changes and installation defects..."

Quoted from the reference of Oil-and-Gas Production Department


Severodonetsky ORGHIM is a multi-field company. It renders engineering and technical services for construction/reconstruction projects in oil-and-gas, chemical, petrochemical and oil-and-gas processing industries.

The company's services cover major production processes, Instrumentation and Automatic Control Systems of production processes, electric and heat-and-power equipment, water treatment systems, industrial ventilation and aspiration systems.


Severodonetsky ORGHIM renders the full range of engineering services to its Customers -
from design development to putting into operation!