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1960 - establishment of Severodonetsk Branch production Office of ORGKHIM (the state complex of engineering enterprises).
1961-1965 - 30 new production plants were put into operation in Cherkassy, Shchekino, Ionava, Ferghona, Nevinnomyssk, Salavat and Dorogobuzh in cooperation with specialists of chemical industry enterprises and institutes. Construction of new production plants of carbamide, non-concentrated nitric acid and ammonium nitrate was started.
1966-1970 - 36 new production plants were put into operation with participation of the company's specialists; development of large-tonnage ammonia production plants with daily capacity of 600 and 1360 tons was began.
1975 - - participation in construction and putting into operation of 39 production plants in the territory of the USSR and 6 production plants abroad; number of employees - 507.
1976-1991 - 43 large-tonnage ammonia, carbamide, nitric acid and ammonium nitrate production plants put into operation with participation of the company's specialists; number of employees- 800.
1993 - beginning of oil and gas complex processes and production development.
1996 - the company was transformed into CJSC Severodonetsky ORGKHIM.
1996-2010 - more than 100 production plants of oil-and-gas and chemical industry were put into operation.
2000 - 40-th anniversary of the company.
2001 - establishment of West Kazakhstan Branch Office (Uralsk, Republic of Kazakhstan).
2001 - "Severodonetsky ORGKHIM is a laureate of International Goods and Services Popularity and Quality Rating "Golden Fortune"
in the nomination "The Leading engineering company of the CIS".
2003 - Severodonetsky ORGKHIM is a member of Engineering Companies Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
2005 - 45-th anniversary of the company.
2007 - International Quality management certificate of ISO 9001.
2007 - West Kazakhstan Branch is assigned the Best Taxpayer of the Year title of West Kazakhstan Region.
2010 - 50-th anniversary of the company.